Privacy Terms

Privacy and Security Policy:

The "FURN" application respects the privacy of its customers and users and understands their concerns about the way their personal information is being handled and shared.

We, in FURNNMORE, value the customers’ trust and we always work to protect the privacy of their data (individuals and corporates) with full encryption to protect the data transmitted.

Therefore, we explain in the terms of this privacy policy the information that we collect and what it is used for, and the cases of disclosure of some of their data, so it should be noted that according to this agreement, the customer and the user agree to our retaining their registration information and do not have any objection regarding us using this data for the purpose of improving the service and running transactions that may require standardized disclosure of its information to third parties that may process this information on our behalf in addition to other cases.

Information about individuals:

Means of communication are collected to facilitate the way of communication, the creation and confirmation of the membership and subscriptions, including but not limited to, phone numbers and email addresses.

We also collect demographic information such as gender, age, and country to find accurate statistics for our users, to customize appropriate offers, and to provide services based on their interests and preferences.

We also focus on the actions that you perform in the application, such as the number of reports, transactions that you have made, reviews on sellers and merchants, as well as the offers that you liked or evaluated with the aim of improving and customizing the user experience every time you visit us.

Information about Corporates:

Means of communication are collected to facilitate the way of communication, the creation and confirmation of the membership and subscriptions, including but not limited to, phone numbers and email addresses, in order to find the most suitable offers and to ensure the completion of transactions in order to facilitate communication between the company and potential customers, and to provide services easily.

We also focus on the users' reviews on the products that other companies display in the application, as well as the number of reports, price evaluations for offers and promos, as well as the products that are desirable by users and those that are not, in order to assess and improve the service and help the companies to provide the best experience for users.

First: How We Use Your Information:

·       Conducting market researches, including statistical analysis to understand the user’s behavior, by presenting it to third parties to implement certain services on our behalf.

·       Enabling us to meet commitments.

·       Meeting customers and users’ requirements based on their interests and updating them about all products and goods that they may be interested in, as well as reaching the best communication strategy for them, including emails.

Therefore, it is important for them to log out as soon as they finish using the application, and to close the browser window if its via a public or shared computer to ensure the safety of all their personal information, because they are responsible for all transactions that happen.


 Second: Information Disclosure

We undertake not to disclose any data to any third parties, except for the purpose of facilitating the transactions and only in the cases where we believe that it's necessary to disclose, and this should be within the range permitted by law.

Below are the cases where we may disclose your data:


·       Enabling the third parties that are handling the data to send newsletters to the customers about specifications, products, services, and special offers.

·       Disclosure of necessary information to third parties responsible for completing the customer transactions when conducting buying and selling transactions.

·       Enabling third parties who prove serious in acquiring or purchasing the application to enable them to complete the business.

·       Transferring all the information to the new owners in case the application is sold.

·       Disclosure of any needed information to settle any dispute that may arise between the parties, or to solve any problems or errors that may occur, as well as to facilitate the task of collecting fees and financial transactions.

·       Updating the customers and the users about our details and services and the services that the other companies with us and accessing the best marketing mechanism for them based on their communications with us.

·       Disclosure of information about customers and users in cases where we are required or required by law to disclose it, in order to implement applicable laws, treaties and prevailing provisions.

·       Disclosure of information necessary to ensure our safety, protect our interests, and preserve our intellectual and property rights and all our rights.

Without the above mentioned, we pledge not to disclose any information about customers and users, as a confirmation of our protection of their privacy, except in the cases where we believe in good faith for the necessity to disclose the information, for example, but not limited to, reporting suspicious activity, preventing a problem or loss, preventing and stopping any moral or material harm, knowing that any legally required information is only formally and legally executed in implementation of the law and judicial rulings or any memoranda about our rights or the rights of third parties associated with us and their branches.

Please be noted that the privacy and the policy of some of the software we use may collect some of your data, such as Google software, and others, without us having to change or control it.

Third: Acceptance and Cancellation

Acceptance or cancellation for the requests of any offers or services provided by companies is determined based on the policies of the service provider without any connection to us, with the exception of offers or privileges that the application provides to them, and in the event that any of the companies that are providing services or offers stop or cancel the subscription or membership in the application, that does not result in the application to bear any responsibility or commitment.

Fourth: Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The “FURN” application and everything under its umbrella do not bear any responsibility for any content that appears or is accessed through the application, and we do not provide any express or implied guarantees, including but not limited to, any content created by users ”individuals or companies” or the accuracy and reliability of the content, whether for offers or services, and it must be noted that the content does not necessarily reflect the opinions or the policies of the application.

The offers may contain data and applications for external links to other websites, “sites of companies and individuals providing the service”.

Therefore, it is necessary to note that the application is not responsible for the content, accuracy, or opinions expressed in such sites, and there is no guarantee that the accuracy or completeness of this content is investigated by us.

It should also be noted that accepting the addition of the services of the companies provided to the programs and sales offers does not mean our approval or our endorsement to access them, users can do this on their personal responsibility, without incurring any responsibility on the application, not for the advertisements, services or pledges made by advertisers.

While the application management makes every effort to improve and continue the services without incurring any damage in the event that the user is unable to access the application, as FURNNMORE does not bear any responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission or any malfunction technician or failure in the communication line of telephone lines, computer systems on the Internet, servers or service providers, computer equipment and software, theft or destruction, unauthorized access or failure of any e-mail to benefit from the services of the application, with partial and total disclaimer of the application for any Loss or damage to the user, under any circumstances as a result of using the application or any of its services, whether online or offline.

Fifth: Intellectual Property

The intellectual property of the FURN’s application belongs to FURNNMORE noting that there is no other party authorized to deal with the other companies without a written authorization from the company.

And in the event of a dispute between the parties, the courts of the State of Kuwait shall have jurisdiction over the parties to the dispute.

Sixth: Updating and Upgrading

Please be aware that we are constantly updating, modifying, and making changes in the privacy policy and terms and conditions, without being obligated to send any notifications about any changes, so customers and users must periodically review the application, and their acceptance to use our application is a complete acceptance of the applicable policies and terms.