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No more messy offices with crowded staplers, pens, sticky notes and calculators, no more papers and files everywhere.

 Make your home office looks more professional and tidier, an organized office — one with plenty of bookcases, folders and pencil holders — will ensure that every item has a place, and in turn lead to a stress-free workweek.


Orca Electronic Safe

Money, jewelry, documents, or anything valuable under your roof is now going to be secure with Orca Electronic Safe.
89 KD
Mahdi Habib Factory

Cuadrado - (Dark Gray, Black)

Whether you are writing, typing, or just working on your next big idea, this sophisticated modern style desk is where it all begins. This simple home office...
From 125 KD
- 10 %
Mahdi Habib Factory

Office Chair - Black

When working or studying for long hours, this ergonomic chair has got your back.
From 90 KD 100 KD
- 14 %
Mahdi Habib Factory

Office Chair - Black

The ultimate office task chair for long hours of work or study and it has it all. This chair features medium back support, soft premium leather in the back r...
From 95 KD 110 KD
Mahdi Habib Factory

Office Chair - Black

This chair is made for everyday use, it has all the features you need in an office chair. Made from soft premium leather with horizontal stitching.
From 90 KD