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FM Small Whisk

One piece of Stainless steel whisk seams, holes or cracks to trap food and bacteria; Super hygienic, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
12 KD

Baking Tray Tongs - Silver

From today even in your kitchen the professional tongs used in pastry shops, bakeries and pizzeria by moving large trays safely. Sleek, handy, ideal for ha...
3 KD

Telescopic Barbeque Fork

A fork that expands to increase its length a lot. It helps in barbecues to keep you safe and useful for picking things from afar where you can pick up fruit...
1.75 KD

Garlic And Ginger Grater - Silver

Its sharp, double-action cutting teeth make short work of cloves and fibrous ginger roots and its smooth surface makes removing the pulp easy. Its versatile...
1.5 KD

Flavors Infuser - Silver

Place the aromas, both fresh and dry, inside the ball of stainless steel net, then dip it into the cooking liquid of your dishes: soup, sauce, whatever.
1.75 KD