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Extensible Cake Mould - Silver

Extensible mold to prepare sweet and savory pies, ice cream and desserts. Adjust the mold to the desired size, fitting the notches on the sides, place on the...
1.25 KD

Multi-Purpose Grater

It is an essential accessory to enrich your kitchen and better manage any preparation that requires foods reduced in powder, thin flakes or small fragments.
1.95 KD

Multiple Pastry Rings - Silver

Pastry rings for arranging food on the plate in multi-shapes, for a presentation of your dishes original and appealing. It can also be used as a pastry cutte...
1.75 KD

Spice Infuser

Designed to spice up any kind of meat during cooking. Fill the tank with water, vinegar, olive oil, add seasonings or spices both fresh and dried. Insert the...
2.25 KD

Baking Tray Tongs - Silver

From today even in your kitchen the professional tongs used in pastry shops, bakeries and pizzeria by moving large trays safely. Sleek, handy, ideal for ha...
3 KD

Rice Spoon - Silver

The dotted design of its surface prevents the rice from sticking, you can use it to serve rice, couscous, polenta, barley flawlessly. Also great with ice cr...
1.5 KD