Ceiling Lighting

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Cyla Pendant, Matt Black

Beautiful light should never be contained. The mesh structure of this lamp allows the light to scatter elegantly across the whole room.
168 KD

Balloon Pendant Large - Grey

The elegant and sheer fabric adds a light, playful effect to the Balloon lamp and reflects the light in an almost hypnotic way. The balloon features precise,...
193 KD

Kenner 1 lt Scone

The unique coated glass sparkles with a lot of beauty and mixed metals from black nickel and brushed nickel. The easy beauty lies in the simplicity of the cl...
99 KD

Kenner Chandelier - 8 light

The unique plated ombre mirrored glass sparkles on this 8 Lt. chandelier in mixed metals of black and brushed nickel. Effortless beauty is found in the simpl...
332 KD