Candles, Candle Holders & Diffusers

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Furo Tealight - Grey

Furo is inspired by the outdoor tealight holders that are used for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.
12 KD
Pink bag

Colored Round Mubkhar - Maroon

A handmade concrete mubkhar round Shape (pink), This is a handmade item, so there may be some differences between all mubkhars (size, and crack).
9 KD
Equine Boutique

Wooden Mubkhar - Brown

Distinguished with a wood luxurious design. Gift your loved ones and friends and decorate wherever you like with our incense burners
14 KD

Incense Wood

Wooden perfume sticks made of five natural scents made of wood imported from South America.
7 KD

Teeb Sticks

Al-Tayeb sticks feature a fragrant fragrance for rooms and the home with the smell of the rose of Muhammad.
15 KD

Bakhor Tula

Tula incense is a brazen super tall incense wood with a fragrant scent for rooms and home. Enjoy the beautiful scent of incense from your choice.
30 KD